Long Neck Karen Village - Chiang Mai. We stopped to visit on the way up to the Maetaman Elephant Camp.

Building Blocks

The pictures you will see peppered throughout were taken yesterday, Wed May 11, 2022, when Jer and I went walking to a picnic place that was closed but then we lunched at the Warehouse so all was not lost! My girlfriend and I were supposed to go barhopping tomorrow, but it's not happening. She has... Continue Reading →


In thinking about "Pairs," I went from super/anti hero movie pairs I'd pay to see - Brandon Breyer v Superman or Batman v Predator; to food pairing from different cultures - Kimchi Poutine. I decided to settle on emotions and the feelings that accompany them, as pairs ...

Love Through a Lens

Madly in love on a speedboat from Phuket to Phi Phi Island. My eight-hour obsession. Can't tell you what it was, but just looking at him made me smile. We never spoke. Don't know his name. If he knew I was snapping pictures, he didn't show it. Photography is the story I fail to put... Continue Reading →

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