Building Blocks

The pictures you will see peppered throughout were taken yesterday, Wed May 11, 2022, when Jer and I went walking to a picnic place that was closed but then we lunched at the Warehouse so all was not lost! My girlfriend and I were supposed to go barhopping tomorrow, but it's not happening. She has... Continue Reading →


In thinking about "Pairs," I went from super/anti hero movie pairs I'd pay to see - Brandon Breyer v Superman or Batman v Predator; to food pairing from different cultures - Kimchi Poutine. I decided to settle on emotions and the feelings that accompany them, as pairs ...

Love Through a Lens

Madly in love on a speedboat from Phuket to Phi Phi Island. My eight-hour obsession. Can't tell you what it was, but just looking at him made me smile. We never spoke. Don't know his name. If he knew I was snapping pictures, he didn't show it. Photography is the story I fail to put... Continue Reading →

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