Well Versed (Sonnet XVII)

I am the truth. Emancipated The very many lies we tell To others and self as well I speak freely. Power! Uncastrated You claim not to love me, but I am not hated In fact, often, my lies are mainly a soft sell Getting my wants without going through hell For this time, where truth... Continue Reading →

Entanglement (Sonnet XIV)

seismic i am much like the surface of the ocean feel me bend around you as sound waves diffracted in everywhere everywho i am precisely added and abstracted perhaps i don't intend to cause an incredibly tremendous commotion however in all its splendour i must absolutely express my emotion this notion in our world all... Continue Reading →

Codependent (Sonnet XII)

I love you as the flowers bloom As the many leaves leave their trees As how lion dandies love the breeze On display. Wearing you like a costume You know your place. Position to assume On your knees. Love infects like a disease And mine is sure to make you feel ill at ease Consume.... Continue Reading →

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