When We Die Where do we go when we dieI guess I could tell you a lieBut then again, why should I You do indeed see a lightIt isn't exactly white(Swiss Coffee possibly, I suspect)If you weren't dead, it'd keep you up at night As for the stories of your lifeYou will see things you... Continue Reading →

Plant – Daily Word Prompt

Decay With feet firmly planted (I wish)This hopeless romantic (I am)Walking away for the last time (I can) Still enchanted by love of what was (with him)Why did I stay … BecauseBut really if I'm being honest (with myself)His behaviour should not have astonished The signs were there right from the startOver the years he... Continue Reading →


Cheers Do you remember The goals you've set Are you pleased with your old(er) self When travelling through your mind Will you love what you find Face everything - open the blinds Start fresh if you must It's ok to give up Trust in yourself Dust off and adjust Dwell on the past only long... Continue Reading →


Thirty-three degrees in the shadeJust the sorta weather for lemonadeMaybe also Gatorade Better yet a snow cone - reminds me of back homeBlack Power Fist (Afro Comb) + Third-wave FeministEma-illuminate from my genome (iridescent) Breaking a sweat standing (yuck)Outdoor sauna - weightloss, detox and tanning (trifecta)Three times a day, in the showerThe sun zaps my... Continue Reading →

Win – Daily Word Prompt

COMEUPPANCE - ABRACADABRA - WEATHER BEES People say, cheaters always get their COMEUPPANCE Only that's not true Selfie profiling Impromptu look - Rearrange ABRACADABRA Go-getter girlfriend With enterprising boyfriend All-WEATHER work BEES Compete Comparatively But don't make the same money Feature Photo Credit: @nearscapes via Twenty20

Center – Daily Word Prompt

Ever Be In the middle of my chest Sits a dark brown guest We've made it through several quests She comes anyway uninvited (emotions I could be without) A little bit shortsighted (didn't see that coming) But mostly always excited (we should think this through first) Leaping ... then looking Foot in mouth ... putting... Continue Reading →

Trip – Daily Word Prompt

HOST Invite to my headspaceHurry, no time to wasteBe sure to pack your suitcase Although no weight limitationsThere are emotional baggage restrictions You'll be here a while no doubtLots to see, look aboutStill have a few spaces to iron out All areas available unredactedGo crazy like me, don't subtract it Amusement parks, playgrounds everywhereHopscotch and... Continue Reading →

Sweep – Daily Word Prompt

Love Bug (I Don't Clean Up Well) Over thereUnder that rugLives an assassin bug He also chills in my coffee mugSays he's harmless, like a ladybugWhat do I know - shrug --- I came home late one nightto catch him in my bed sleepingCaught off guard, I started weepingHe wakes up and says, "Calm down,... Continue Reading →

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