Hello, Bum Bum! Bum Bum is a term of endearment, in case you didn't know. I went to the gym with Dre - we did shoulders and arms and before that, we did mitt drills. He could be a personal trainer. Tomorrow morning Dad is leaving. I'm gonna take my first meeting at home then... Continue Reading →

Stranger Sex Things – Bad Teacher

Sorry! I'm way late. BUT ,,, Guess what! Guess what! Guess what! I got an unlimited lifetime five-device membership to Pornhub. (I can give you my login if you want). I feel fantastic cause I can watch porn anytime, anywhere and with anyone. I scheduled a meeting for me, Bossman, our CFO and the Sales... Continue Reading →

All The Stars

... and flowers and kittens and other good shit. (I hope you're not allergic) When I go to Japan I hope I don't end up staying in a cursed house - I ain't tryin' a fuck with no rageful spirits and I don't want them fuckin' with me! This weekend is a Lyrid meteor shower... Continue Reading →

Ugh! Plans!

You know ... If I wanted to clean up after people I'd be a fuckin' maid but I ain't no God damn fuckin' maid. Dear Personal Jesus Christ: Forgive me in advance for I'm about to sin like a motherfucker. I am asking that you help me get away with murder in the first degree... Continue Reading →

Boxing Before Bed

I did mitt drills with Dre earlier. My new bedtime workout; since he decided to go for boxing training again. And now ... the moment you've been waiting for without further adieus, todos and what say yous ... AGO ART Norval Morrisseau - Man Changing Into Thunderbird Norval Morrisseau - The Great Flood Christi Belcourt... Continue Reading →

Another Blow Up

In my imaginary life, I am rich enough to comfortably afford my own palace - just for me and no one else, especially not the boys I gave birth to (a two or three-bedroom something) - while, at the same time, paying rent on my current apartment and supporting the boys financially till the timer... Continue Reading →

Oh Boy

This morning, I'm chillin' on the couch when I get a phone call from Matt ... "Hello" "Mom! Can you lend me 250$? I'll pay you back." I immediately think, how the fuck you gon pay me back when you ain't got no job nigga. "What do you need 250 for?" "I'm gonna miss my... Continue Reading →

You Will Know

I am slightly intoxicated - some things may not make sense. A long-time cow buddy was being bullied daily by members of his herd when out to pasture. I sent my ninja army to slaughter those cow bullies - now my buddy is alone but happy. If you have bullies who need slaughtering, email me:... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Long Weekend

I am going to the hardware store next weekend to buy cement stuff and paint - I want to paint some of the wood and metal furniture I have on the balcony bright colours. Reds and blues and yellows and pinks and oranges. And the cement is for an art project and poem inspired by... Continue Reading →

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