Take What You Get …

... Till you get what you want. Oy! Yesterday I almost lost my life doing a 45 min 20/20 HIIT workout on FitOn with some crazy Hispanic last-name lady. My heart rate was Burj Khalifa high. Over the last few days, with the help of YouTube, I learned that I'm partial to athletic/football player-type workouts:... Continue Reading →

Un/Happy Days

Hello! Long time, I know! Recent developments in the U.S.A. gives a whole new meaning to the term black and blue. I'm never surprised by news stories anymore, which in itself is terrible. I've learned to avoid the things that will deeply sadden me. Plus, I already have my own problems. My condolences to all... Continue Reading →

When Hard Knocks

COVID's been with us for over three years and people still don't know how to wear a fuckin' mask! Next time I take the subway, I'm gonna walk with my trusty Honjo Masamune katana and go to town slicing off noses and chins. People annoy me! Today, because of the snowstorm, I'm guessing, there were... Continue Reading →

Soup’s On

For the last week, I've been craving soup. What kinda soup? Don't ask me! ... Today I managed to figure it out. I want pho! Since I couldn't bother making the broth from scratch, I got the concentrated broth, hot pot meat, spinach, bok choy, mint, napa cabbage, bean sprouts and cilantro. I wanted enoki... Continue Reading →

Circumstances Made Me

... You like my Dragon Ball Ocean Bomb soda can collection yes! BTW. you probably don't care but I'm behind on everything - my data analysis course, my short story, my poetry writing frequency, my weight loss. Just call me Jackass. And speaking of Jackass, if you haven't already, you should watch Jackass Forever (2022).... Continue Reading →

Deadmill Lifts

This morning at 5:58 am I was in the basement waiting for the gym doors to open. I took my chances walking - Dre joined me thirty minutes later. After my one-hour walk was complete, I looked over at the busted treadmill and decided to improvise; using it as a sled. I held onto the... Continue Reading →

Just Dance

I'm pleased to say - today was a good day. 🎶 One day at a time sweet Jesus 🎶 Dre cooked a yummy lunch and Matt wrote a poem. 🙂 When I have information to share I have to make sure I am not telling someone else's story without permission or by mistake especially when... Continue Reading →

Sun Down

Now I know why they call it the nuclear family; one day, you're going about your business, and the whole thing blows up, ripping off your face and scattering your body parts to kingdom come. (heavy sigh). Having to tell someone what to do at every step is exhausting. Having to be with them to... Continue Reading →

I Gotta Not Be Me

... Sometimes I swirl too long in the whirlpool of despair when the thing I thought everybody thought was as horrible for them as it was for me. After a few days/weeks/months, only then do I wonder, Did I even need to be in the damn whirlpool. The story of my every day. Ugh! Why... Continue Reading →

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