Early Days

I was minding my business, doing work, when Dre asked, "Hey, Mom! When did you know you wanted to become a project manager, and how long did it take for you to get there after you decided?" Always, out of the blue he will ask these random questions. I'm sure I told you this before... Continue Reading →

I Am Not My Thoughts

... I am not my thoughts ... I am not my thoughts A few weeks back, I watched Law and Order SVU, It never used to be my favourite, but it's grown. What I enjoy most is that there isn't always a happy ending. Some stories leave many dangling strings, and the good/bad guys aren't... Continue Reading →

Mountain View

I want to live where I can look outside and see mountains. They will keep me grounded, not that I am flying high at the moment. Mountains, as a reminder of how insignificant I am in the larger scheme of all existence - known and unknown. There are no mountain views in Toronto ... but... Continue Reading →

Feel it All – Or Don’t

... In search of my true self. Again. Thankfully, the year is almost over. I will take a break in Q1 2023. Communicating with databases is more straightforward than communicating with humans. Ah! If every human were a database. It doesn't matter; we'd still figure out how to cheat, steal, marginalize, and decommission each other.... Continue Reading →

Teams, Work and Dreams

... but sometimes they shouldn't come together. Do you remember the saying about teamwork making the dream work? It should depend on what the dream is, no? Some of us have the most awfulest of dreams, and we have teams - those dreams shouldn't come true. I dreamed I was frolicking about somewhere in a... Continue Reading →

Numbing the Pain

Sometimes when dealing with shit it's better to not talk about it, because talking will make you bust out bawling. Treat it with substances; swallow it all - including the pain. Choke on it if you must but keep that shit to yourself. I know that's not healthy but it's what I'm a gonna do.... Continue Reading →

Walk it Off

It is insanely hot in my apartment - Memories of summer. I'm tempted to turn on the AC. But it is also wonderfully foggy out. And the cheesy Hallmark holiday movie season has begun! Boo!!!! Earlier this week, I was lying in bed, back touching the mattress, reading Kafka and something happened to make my... Continue Reading →


There's a full moon out! I'm on to sonnet 23, and they are becoming easier to write. (Let's hope I don't jinx myself - knock on wood three times). I read about a Spenserian named after some dude (aren't they all); I think I mentioned it before. It's supposed to be more challenging because of... Continue Reading →

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