The Boys-VII

The Background: André keeps bugging me to order food from KINTON RAMEN The Convo: Me: I am not ordering ramen again. If you want ramen so bad, go buy one of the packets. Boil an egg, fry some bacon and chop a green onion. André: Mom! That's not the same. Think about it. That's like... Continue Reading →

May 3 – Journal Entry

I did the eHarmony quiz, and I didn't even get the results - it just started finding matches for me. That wasn't my intention - Then I was presented with a 48-hour special, 50% off the plan of my choice. Leave me alone. Hmmm - a part of me wonders if I am afraid of... Continue Reading →

The Boys-VI

The Background: It's pandemic season. I'm taking a break from work to make lunch, and André, my 16-year-old, is bugging me because he wants me to look at something. The Convo: André: Mom look at this. Look what I can do. Me: Can't right now. I have to finish this and get back to work.... Continue Reading →

Barstool Existentialist III

"… So I told him, listen! The next time you call me over here to suck your balls, they better be completely hairless - Then I took my money and left. Last time I was coughing up hair for like a week. No joke!" Feature Photo Credit: @daphneemarie via Twenty20


How fitting for an April Fool's Day one-word prompt, which reminds me of the joke my co-workers played on me April 2, 2019. (they couldn't do it on April 1 because I was still recovering.) We didn't have monitor and laptop stands in our small Toronto office, and every time I worked out of London,... Continue Reading →

Barstool Existentialist II

"My mom told me I should always eat before going on a date. I didn't listen." "Mm-hmm." "Yesterday I met a guy from OKC after work - I skipped lunch cause shit was crazy. By the time I met him for dinner, I was starving. I felt light-headed." "We got our table and drinks pretty... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Party (CW1-2020)

Prompt: You just opened the front door and a dinosaur in a tuxedo lunges for your face! What do you do? (This is from Embrace Your Weird) "Hey Omar!" Hugging him. "You're late. The ladies are waiting. Dinosaurs are extinct. No one is going to want to have sex with you." "You should have picked... Continue Reading →

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