Hello Today

In being so successful with my weight loss endeavour, I wondered why I didn't find my formula sooner because fasting and calorie deficit eating isn't new to me, but I figured, for whatever reason, I wasn't ready. It's here now and I am happy. Remember when I thought I needed medication to help with my... Continue Reading →

The Boys-VII

The Background: André keeps bugging me to order food from KINTON RAMEN The Convo: Me: I am not ordering ramen again. If you want ramen so bad, go buy one of the packets. Boil an egg, fry some bacon and chop a green onion. André: Mom! That's not the same. Think about it. That's like... Continue Reading →

May 3 – Journal Entry

I did the eHarmony quiz, and I didn't even get the results - it just started finding matches for me. That wasn't my intention - Then I was presented with a 48-hour special, 50% off the plan of my choice. Leave me alone. Hmmm - a part of me wonders if I am afraid of... Continue Reading →

The Boys-VI

The Background: It's pandemic season. I'm taking a break from work to make lunch, and André, my 16-year-old, is bugging me because he wants me to look at something. The Convo: André: Mom look at this. Look what I can do. Me: Can't right now. I have to finish this and get back to work.... Continue Reading →

Barstool Existentialist III

"… So I told him, listen! The next time you call me over here to suck your balls, they better be completely hairless - Then I took my money and left. Last time I was coughing up hair for like a week. No joke!" Feature Photo Credit: @daphneemarie via Twenty20


How fitting for an April Fool's Day one-word prompt, which reminds me of the joke my co-workers played on me April 2, 2019. (they couldn't do it on April 1 because I was still recovering.) We didn't have monitor and laptop stands in our small Toronto office, and every time I worked out of London,... Continue Reading →

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