psssst You've heard it said before, don't eat that yellow snow.In case you didn't know, the same should be said,for ice cream that doesn't melt at room temp.


Lively - That's how I live Always thinking positive THE ETERNAL OPTIMIST  Giving the best that I got To everyone - deserving or not But who am I to say Who's deserving anyway So I express loving-kindness Colour, Shades and racial blindness AND Yes! ... I embrace our differences As we have so much good... Continue Reading →

Is Not

Do you know what Impostor Syndrome is? "The persistent inability to believe that one's success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one's own efforts or skills."  - Google. Read more A common occurrence in biz One day I took a quiz Came to realize, there's nothing wrong with my skills But I... Continue Reading →

Game Over

Don't you hate when your parents say"Go outside and play." That gives me less time to spend,with my online friends. I understand that he may be a pedo.But you taught me to spot a bad fellow. What's my mom's problem anyway!?She should go outside and play. Who wants to be outside strolling?With COVID steadily roaming.... Continue Reading →


I love where I liveAbsolutely! Positive!Nowhere quite like thisUsually when I roamI cannot wait to go home I could live anywhereBut my family better be thereA house like no otherFather, Mother, Sister, Brother I could have a cottage by Muskoka lake Or live under a snowflake Maybe a houseboat Or I could just drift -... Continue Reading →

おはよう !

Hai! It's a new day!Get moving, make hayNo time for delayYou know what they sayAbout seizing the day If you have to get out to workPlease don't be a jerkRemember as discussedFace mask when riding the busNon-compliance is treasonous Also, enjoy your dayDon't contribute to the frayBe sure to go home straight away Workout before... Continue Reading →

Interdimensional Fright

Let's see. Where should I beginI will tell you the most frightening thing There is a crack in my ceilingIt always gave me a sickening feelingWhen I went to bed one nightThat line, it opened wideRevealing the things inside They are tall and thickAnd they move really quickSome have multiple headsWith either eight or six... Continue Reading →


I heard someone say, "we don't think about design until we put a poorly designed toothbrush in our mouth." My design awareness has heightened over the last seven years, partly due to working in software development and seeing through my daughter's graphic design eyes. I understand the importance of white space and placement. I know... Continue Reading →

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