Thirty-three degrees in the shadeJust the sorta weather for lemonadeMaybe also Gatorade Better yet a snow cone - reminds me of back homeBlack Power Fist (Afro Comb) + Third-wave FeministEma-illuminate from my genome (iridescent) Breaking a sweat standing (yuck)Outdoor sauna - weightloss, detox and tanning (trifecta)Three times a day, in the showerThe sun zaps my... Continue Reading →

Win – Daily Word Prompt

COMEUPPANCE - ABRACADABRA - WEATHER BEES People say, cheaters always get their COMEUPPANCE Only that's not true Selfie profiling Impromptu look - Rearrange ABRACADABRA Go-getter girlfriend With enterprising boyfriend All-WEATHER work BEES Compete Comparatively But don't make the same money Feature Photo Credit: @nearscapes via Twenty20

Center – Daily Word Prompt

Ever Be In the middle of my chest Sits a dark brown guest We've made it through several quests She comes anyway uninvited (emotions I could be without) A little bit shortsighted (didn't see that coming) But mostly always excited (we should think this through first) Leaping ... then looking Foot in mouth ... putting... Continue Reading →

Trip – Daily Word Prompt

HOST Invite to my headspaceHurry, no time to wasteBe sure to pack your suitcase Although no weight limitationsThere are emotional baggage restrictions You'll be here a while no doubtLots to see, look aboutStill have a few spaces to iron out All areas available unredactedGo crazy like me, don't subtract it Amusement parks, playgrounds everywhereHopscotch and... Continue Reading →

Sweep – Daily Word Prompt

Love Bug (I Don't Clean Up Well) Over thereUnder that rugLives an assassin bug He also chills in my coffee mugSays he's harmless, like a ladybugWhat do I know - shrug --- I came home late one nightto catch him in my bed sleepingCaught off guard, I started weepingHe wakes up and says, "Calm down,... Continue Reading →

Connect – Daily Word Prompt

LETTER Love longing, when I woke up this morningGiving an obvious forewarningSensing the loneliness swarmingMissing me too, are you? Images of our love overpouringThey constantly keep my heart soaringEndlessly - your love I am yearningMissing me too, are you? Please tell me when you are returningExcessive - my desire for you burningThe one and only,... Continue Reading →


Among many weeds I have sown beautiful seeds Waiting to harvest Here is an organ garden Excuse me? Beg your pardon? If you need a new lung Just up and grow one Look! A new kidney By golly Jiminy! Fast food liver? The garden can deliver Need a new brain? Well that's insane


mom and DAD My mom, several times said Don't make a spectacle of yourself Sit with legs crossed, as if on a shelf And don't touch anything Keep your hands to yourself For little girls - 'tis best to be seen than heard Don't let anyone push you around Stand up for yourself. On and off the... Continue Reading →

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