In the deluge, a bee took refuge Landing on my windowpane Hello! I've never seen you before will I see you again I've stopped by momentarily to get out of the storm. I'm behind my quota and along with the rain the wind is not warm Play a song while you wait That! And your... Continue Reading →

If Only

Let's pretend my lie is true if that is what you need to do Then believe me when I say "Yes! I do, and will always, love you."


So sorry! I did not mean to send that My fingers are also fat This is still a Japanese poem (haiku/senryu) because it has seventeen syllables. I've just laid it out differently. Sam

Speech Of Streams

Nature was calling (not that one. the other) So I went outside to write But that babbling brook with its incessant talking I had to come back inside


All the things I've lost Waking with buyer's remorse Looking at you … turn Peacefully asleep My stomach churns with regret Thinking of costs and All the things I've lost Friends and family let go Nothing to hold to Unfortunately It's true; all I have is you All I've lost ... includes me too


And just like that! PoofYour rights can be upendedRevoked! Suspended You thought we were progressive… We break you to our will … Still I wasn't going to say anything but the feeling to write something because Roe v. Wade was overturned would not go away. I cannot excape the news, even when I take a... Continue Reading →

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