Known Unknowns (Sonnet XXI)

in my augmented reality your fragmented visions haunt me inescapable vivid remnants of our dullest days and darkest nights flash across my bedroom ceiling in multi-coloured neon lights creeping along the fringes of my dreams everything we'd never be since maybe circumstances ended it prematurely


When biting more than I can chew I'll spit it out, but not at you I always have a doggy bag Food in there never goes bad

This is a Hibun. Inspired by bits of all the true crime stories I consume. Prose poetry at the top, haiku at the bottom. Yes! I know prose poems aren't supposed to have line breaks but reading a massive clump of text online can be a challenge. SO! I broke the rule. Also! A nod... Continue Reading →


My interpersonality won't allow me to keep my mouth shut! (but) Communication issues become apparent when talking to people who listen only for what they want to hear Oh dear!

Blow Back

Inevitably The winds of change are blowing That is what they say Although, it appears to me Those winds never come this way


I am here for you To extract your Quintessence I am the Wolf And Reflections in your eyes speak Telling me … you are a sheep


A Memo From one procrastinator to the next What do you say Let's put off for tomorrow what we can do today Yay Inspired by interactions with my son Dre! I love you Pixie Poo! (aka Dre the Douche) Sam


In the deluge, a bee took refuge Landing on my windowpane Hello! I've never seen you before will I see you again I've stopped by momentarily to get out of the storm. I'm behind my quota and along with the rain the wind is not warm Play a song while you wait That! And your... Continue Reading →

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