Fortunate Abundance (Sonnet VIII)

Watching the ballgame How many innings remain Who's playing again Do I care to know Never mind. I don't think so We order the drinks Please can I get … a Strawberry margarita A draft Heineken Chinwags aplenty My brain and belly sated Applebee's Friendly's Ready for home and bed now Wow! That was way... Continue Reading →

Poverty (Sonnet VII)

Living hand to mouth There exists a severe drought (i doubt) Impoverished lives Self-awareless/ness Promote faulty assumptions (any allowance for interruptions) Impoverished minds A few folks have said We should all be millionaires (it can be done without splitting heirs) There's enough to share And Who said it is ... true! Why believe what you... Continue Reading →


Ms. Mavis Maynard Hello Renaissance Lady You remember me It's Sam. I am ... your first Gran'. Who you understood Always underfoot In the kitchen while you cooked The garden while you planted Veggies and greens and connections and directions Thoughts and ideas Under ... your protective wings ... watchful eye, but free to fly... Continue Reading →

Serendipity (Sonnet III)

Love sweeps you away On seas of nacreous clouds Your Heart bounds and leaps Who knew you'd be here Floating in the exosphere Walking on fresh air That familiar glow Everything looks radiant Sunshine on new snow In whatever form you come True Love! You're always welcome Serendipity


Electromagnetic Ride Forward to the past Going nowhere photon fast At last - Flabbergast Feature Photo Credit: @tampatra via Twenty20


Among many weeds I have sown beautiful seeds Waiting to harvest Here is an organ garden Excuse me? Beg your pardon? If you need a new lung Just up and grow one Look! A new kidney By golly Jiminy! Fast food liver? The garden can deliver Need a new brain? Well that's insane STEM

Explore – Jibber Jabber Prompt

Always must reveal My true nature at its core Great loving-kindness Empathetic compassion Happy-go-lucky carefree *** Flowers blooming bright Remarkable expression Of nature's delight Feature Photo Credit: schneeknirschen from Pixabay

Time – Jibber Jabber Prompt

WHENWe are stranded hereTravellers of yesterdayYour multiverse guide WHEREWaiting for my loveAt Burgundy RestaurantOur usual haunt WHERE TOAll throughout the agesLost people we leave behindA timeless passageNo one ever seems to findThe light at the end of life Feature Photo Credit: deselect from Pixabay

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