In God we trust The Birth of a Nation Built on Slavery Subjuctation and Forced Sterilization Brave In full glory Home of the Free (well ... it's supposed to be) Freedom Buckling In this Perilous fight Under The proudly held Stars and stripes Flag As a call for Equal Rights Or the other To maintain... Continue Reading →


I found my armoured knight Sadly He is not shining I stayed Devoted Polishing the metal Carefully Monitoring my movements Waiting for him to ... open up Still He continued to rust Becoming more rigid Leading to A corrosive death Slowly Eating away At Both of us

Nelson the Roach

Once upon a time, I knew a roach A travelling salesman, he'd always fly coach One day a crew member called him unclean That roach! He created a scene Now no one thinks he's yucky And with the lawsuit money he started a brooch business out in Fayette, Kentucky This was supposed to be my... Continue Reading →

Words Almighty

Hanging on a wall in the backyard shed words rusting like tools no one will use Discarded like plastic-wrapped fruits fifty percent off produce still, contamination spreads as does ... mould on bread are some things really better left unsaid Listening to Hall while sowing Oates encouraged to speak but I remain mute story of... Continue Reading →

The End

holding back the tears eyes Simply Red terms and conditions of use unread although i knew there was no lifetime guarantee the thought of losing you fills me ... i miss bumping into you on purpose your contagious laugh ready look ad-lib robotic 80's dance moves during meal prep the lingering scent of Montblanc Legend... Continue Reading →


To the phallic narcissistic male One who brags of sexual conquest Always looking out for casual sex I do not wish to be boned, ass-tapped, shagged Keep me off your self-engrossed lips You won't check me on your list Tailored to dominate Reject me emotionally Project onto me your inadequacies I do not wish to... Continue Reading →

Love Song

When the ground don't touch my feet When the ceiling and I meet Writing helps me deal When I'm boiling with rage Writing sedates When too much I feel Writing helps me heal My sword and my shield Writing is ideal Through writing, I reveal and conceal I unravel and tangle I become More than... Continue Reading →


Hello! My sense of direction is lost Please supply landmarks Required to chart the course Without showing This is telling I can only read maps when I know where I'm going


My intense emotions and practical feelings of a constant conspiracy Causes me to believe people are out to get me But are they really Actually In my emotional fog I cannot see But I'm aware enough to question my reality Which may or may not Cause me to see feelings clearly

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