In The Kitchen

I spent most of the evening spicing up my spice rack, rearranging the kitchen a bit, since I'm gonna be in there more often and prepping a few items to make my life easier. Making pickle and a green dressing with mint, coriander and parsley The pickle has radishes, carrots and cabbage. Yesterday I made... Continue Reading →

Grappa Heaven

I'm doing my thing this morning, cursin' under my breath while troubleshooting PBI, only to receive a welcome distraction in the form of a text message from Jer. I totally forgot we'd planned to meet up once a week. I got ready and was out the door within twenty minutes; Made it to the office... Continue Reading →

Journal Entry – Mon Dec 21

I always get nervous leading up to the holidays - like something unexpected is going to drop into my work lap and I won't have enough time to complete it! (Calm down Sam! Your laptop is only a heartbeat away!) Christmas dinner? Planned and shopped! I skipped Instacart - no offence to Instacart shoppers -... Continue Reading →

May 28 – Journal Entry

Ok so ... What's the point of having CCTV when you can't see anything anyway? When I watch my true crime shows and the investigator says, "That's a blue Buick with license plate JBL 323. There you can see our suspect carrying a black duffle bag and putting it in the trunk. We think the... Continue Reading →


Oh my ... I could tell you about the time my boss took us to Aloette and forced us to eat all the food on our plate - mainly fried chicken and lemon meringue pie. Then, when we got back to the office, he made comments about the history of black people and fried chicken... Continue Reading →


Today was difficult and infuriating I didn't feel like celebratingThen I thought about somethingA particular food that I love eating Good-looking and bright greenThe most beautifulest vegetable I'd ever seenOh Okra where have you beenI will dress like you on Halloween I was having the worse day. Then I went looking for something to eat.... Continue Reading →


Certain words make you instantly think of specific things. I hear "elixir," I think about magic. My favourite majick elixirs are Rocket Fuel Latte and Fat-Burning Golden Milkshake. Both are from The Keto Diet by Leanne Vogel. I have my rocket fuel latte in the morning and the golden milkshake in the evening before bed a few... Continue Reading →

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