The Mist

... Thank God, Mary, Jesus n' Joseph that nothing untoward came out of the fog today. I would have died. You know I can't run too far already. This morning I received an escort to the subway station from Dre (thank you baby!) - it was very foggy and I was scared but if I... Continue Reading →

Art Work

... And right smack dab in the middle of the Transformation Building Blocks lesson is the mention of data analytics - I knew it! There is a place for both of them in my career life. In addition to other pieces, data-based decision-making is essential to successful transformations. Duh!!! I mean ... you could go with your... Continue Reading →

October Is Almost Over

Boo! Matt is going to be a nun this year. Today, I learned that you don't have to be a robot to transform. I also have my own personal transformation template - haven't examined it yet though. That will be my weekend project. 🎶 Transformers! Robots in disguise! 🎶 Theme Song People in horror movies... Continue Reading →

Be Proud

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is it alright to tell someone their child is ugly? I feel it should be because they are also beholders, alibet bias ones - but I know society says it's not ok. Just please don't make the mistake of asking me if your child is cute... Continue Reading →

Cheers! to Art and the Artist

... whatever your art form happens to be! Hello today tonight! I have a problem with all punctuations - maybe not. I love exclamations and ellipses. I find I don't need them when I write poems because I use line breaks and said ellipses for pauses. But I will have to use them correctly in... Continue Reading →

Life and Death

Another beginner art tip I recently learned from a YouTuber is to stay away from complex drawings where a lot is happing in the image/painting I am trying to recreate. There will be lots of time to get to complexity later. And also, … I forget. Irrespective of my forgetfulness, this tip means I must... Continue Reading →

What’s In Your Bedroom

... is more important than what's in your wallet. I found my license btw, in my wallet. I don't know how I missed it! Maybe it has superpowers. My bedroom makes me happy. It is my sanctuary. Everyone needs a refuge - I prefer mine to be a place rather than a person. I don't... Continue Reading →

Drawing Anew

All those "learn to draw books" are useless. Based on what I know to this point. The first two pages of You Can Draw in 30 Days was helpful because he explained the nine fundamentals for creating the illusion of depth; foreshortening (not the same as foreshadowing), size, shading based on your light source, etc.  Maybe I... Continue Reading →

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