the what

Remember those days. This site is your getaway. When you’ve had enough news and are sufficiently caught up on current affairs, get comfy with your favourite teddy and beverage, then stop by for a visit. Stay overnight or longer if you like. Just please don’t become an annoying guest.

the who

I’ve never liked the word “eccentric,” but it describes me perfectly. If I were a tree, I’d be a barking cherry plum blossom. DEPENDING ON MY MOOD, if I were a bird, I’d be humming any music genre. I love writing, laughing, eating, cooking, making new words, dismantling old ones, drawing and dancing. I am in love with learning and unique experiences.

As I get older, I figure I should stop putting off the things I always wanted to do. Hence, here I am – doing what I love instead of drinking myself to sleep every night. No more tripping over empty bottles when I wake up.

You’re likely to catch me smelling flowers and sneezing, being a workaholic, navigating Prozac and my general mental wellness, laughing at something no one else finds funny, having dinner with a friend or two, trying to compete against zacnaps in a 24-hour horror movie marathon (so far, the naps keep winning), working on a jigsaw puzzle, reading, learning more about Buddhism or whatever else I find fascinating at the moment or spending time alone.

the how