So Long Summer

It is a cold day but not a winter day. Feels more like autumn or spring. I hope it doesn't snow in the summertime. This morning I woke up freaking out. Realizing it's Jan 08 and I hadn't published a single poem, just been working on that damn story. I feel better now that two... Continue Reading →

Big Rings

This close-your-rings competition between me and Dee is fierce! Two days left and I'm down twelve points all because I didn't workout yesterday. And I knew that shit was gonna happen too but I just couldn't go-go gadget. Dee's like mad serious too, writing shit down n trying to calculate how much work she needs... Continue Reading →


Holy pivot table Batperson! Whenever I work with Excel, doing pivot tables n shit, I can't help but remember when I absolutely hated everything Excel. Look at me now! Today, even some of my data analytics learnings were put to practical use. I laugh at my old self!And also ... in the face of challenges!Ha... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

🎶 … I love you. Tomorrow. You’re only a day away. 🎶 Yay Friday! I’d like to go to the office tomorrow cause Bossman Jr. will be there but, as you know, I only got enough clothes in my weight class for two days of work. Did I tell you about the time Bossman called... Continue Reading →

Office B-Day Party

All day the sun didn't show its face. When home time came, it was pouring. My Scrum Alliance CSM cert expired last September - I'm still not sure if I want to renew it. I'd need 20 education units and 100 bucks - the cert isn't relevant anymore but I feel I am losing something.... Continue Reading →

Did Somebody Say Compete

... Awwww. Ain't them cute! I'm supposed to play Fortnite with the kids - I suspect it will be a disastrous delight - for me at least; like Minecraft w/ Dre. My rise and spit shine morning started too early. Was in bed by 10:00 pm as planned but woke up sometime after 1:00 am.... Continue Reading →


This morning I sat on the edge of my bed staring at my running shoes with all the wild things in my head screaming, "Sam! Go back to bed!" Today I won! Finished a 1.5hr workout. Later in the day, I went for a walk with Dre. Now all my rings are closed. Did I... Continue Reading →

Plans and Punches

Have you seen Zdzisław Beksiński's art. Some of his work remind me of Giger. I have too many writing projects going on, like I can't finish any. I don't know which to work on first, next, last. That's why I have a whole lotta unfinished pieces. And the longer I stay away the harder it... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

You thought I was out partying eh! Nah. I haven't attended a fete in ages and I don't miss it. Fireworks are going off sporadically. It's just after 11:00 pm. The Hip Hop Nutcracker was blah. My expectations might have been too high. I won't be watching it again. Going forward, I will be measuring... Continue Reading →

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