Numbing the Pain

Sometimes when dealing with shit it's better to not talk about it, because talking will make you bust out bawling. Treat it with substances; swallow it all - including the pain. Choke on it if you must but keep that shit to yourself. I know that's not healthy but it's what I'm a gonna do.... Continue Reading →

Walk it Off

It is insanely hot in my apartment - Memories of summer. I'm tempted to turn on the AC. But it is also wonderfully foggy out. And the cheesy Hallmark holiday movie season has begun! Boo!!!! Earlier this week, I was lying in bed, back touching the mattress, reading Kafka and something happened to make my... Continue Reading →


There's a full moon out! I'm on to sonnet 23, and they are becoming easier to write. (Let's hope I don't jinx myself - knock on wood three times). I read about a Spenserian named after some dude (aren't they all); I think I mentioned it before. It's supposed to be more challenging because of... Continue Reading →

Courage and the Artist

I learned that there is no expectation of privacy in public spaces. However, if someone asks why I am taking a photo, I must be transparent by showing current work and possibly sharing my QR code. 🙂 I'm obsessed with that code for some reason - I'm gonna make copies and plaster it everywhere. Also,... Continue Reading →

Life Goes …

Last week I wore only a t-shirt to work, and it was cold - (I also had on a jeans and socks and shoes). Now, the office sweater is hanging on my closet door. Being responsible for a shared thing, like children and clothing, is stressful. Suppose I wash the sweater, and it shrinks. In... Continue Reading →

Hungry Hippo

I'm having another website identity crisis. But it's ok - Already getting through it. All day I spend rearranging and categorizing and simplifying. So far, I am happy with the results. Did you know Elizabeth Bishop was a painter too? DailyArt: Hippopotamus - Unknown Artist (2030-1640 BCE) He reminds me of the skinny pigs. AND... Continue Reading →

Decisive Moments

Today I learned the name for the type of candid photos I love to take - it is called … street photography (there is a name for everything). In the candid photo arena, there are also wedding photos/events and something else. Observation and documentation are the core mission of street photography. The decisive moment is... Continue Reading →

What’s That Now!

I have these moments when I write a poem, and I am proud because the poem is what I want it to be. Sometimes I write, and things go in an unexpected direction - that's ok too - but I am most proud when I finish with the started intent. Yesterday after publishing Overbite, Matt walks into... Continue Reading →

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