Every three hundred and sixty-five days I promise to put more life into my years Rethinking what it means to be selfish Without being mean or unkind I'm devoting time to me and mine It may feel foreign at first but You just need to rehearse Thank you Sammi! Sammi's Weekend Writing Prompt

Now Do

What's right with you If you know, tell me. Do you Have a clue. Ready to … No! I will not disagree I'm listening. Intently I suspect you know what's wrong You've known that all along Don't play me that same old song Put a new record on Tell me (and yourself too) What's right... Continue Reading →


And just like that! PoofYour rights can be upendedRevoked! Suspended You thought we were progressive… We break you to our will … Still I wasn't going to say anything but the feeling to write something because Roe v. Wade was overturned would not go away. I cannot excape the news, even when I take a... Continue Reading →

Codependent (Sonnet XII)

I love you as the flowers bloom As the many leaves leave their trees As how lion dandies love the breeze On display. Wearing you like a costume You know your place. Position to assume On your knees. Love infects like a disease And mine is sure to make you feel ill at ease Consume.... Continue Reading →


And while suffering Going through what you go through I will do nothing Except get down on my knees Hands praying to God for you Rejoice. Joyful noise Pray for whatever you will Mysterious ways How God does his holy work If nothing happens, don't fret God is not finished With you yet. Wait. Wait.... Continue Reading →


When lost in English Brevity reminds me: Always choose your words Wisely Thank you David for leading me to Sammi and thank you Sammi for the prompt!Sam

One Woman Won Too

One Woman Won too Mic check I got news for you Dressed Dapper Like Dan Don't need no Suntan Lotion Black Woman Magic Potion Throwing shade with the trees Earning my keep Never sleep I ain't rolling deep But still Deeper than The Ocean King's Lucille Santana's guitar Ooh baby I'm a star The Devil... Continue Reading →

Black II (Sonnet XI)

Eurocentric theories of beauty In practice. Every day, all around Reinforced constantly of my duty To be less brown. In the pale, I drown Blue-eyed blonds are the upper class Intrinsically I know that I do not belong Except only in parts - my lips and my ass To be appropriated as a necessary right/wrong... Continue Reading →


Let's act like we are still in love Just be the man I thought you of Kiss me like it was our first time And remember being mine all mine Say you still want me as your wife (and I'll say ...) Goodbye to my lonely married life Take a walk down memory lane to... Continue Reading →

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