QUOTE: Winged Words

I was reading The Birds by Aristophanes when I came across these words and I couldn't get them out of my head, so I decided to share them, in this manner, with you!(Background Photo Credit: Giani Pralea from Pixabay)Sam

Poverty (Sonnet VII)

Living hand to mouth There exists a severe drought (i doubt) Impoverished lives Self-awareless/ness Promote faulty assumptions (any allowance for interruptions) Impoverished minds A few folks have said We should all be millionaires (it can be done without splitting heirs) There's enough to share And Who said it is ... true! Why believe what you... Continue Reading →


Ms. Mavis Maynard Hello Renaissance Lady You remember me It's Sam. I am ... your first Gran'. Who you understood Always underfoot In the kitchen while you cooked The garden while you planted Veggies and greens and connections and directions Thoughts and ideas Under ... your protective wings ... watchful eye, but free to fly... Continue Reading →

Love Swing (Sonnet VI)

Thinking of you, and all you do, for more than seventy-two, hoursI cannot work. Looking forward to play. You're on my mind all dayKillin' me. Softly. Slowly. Sweetly. Illustrating … your superpowersWhen done battling the fray, I imagine you, taking my stress away Rhythmic One-Night. Please get here when the sun setsWe mix like, Tonic... Continue Reading →

Ten (Sonnet V)

Love came knocking, and I … I looked frantically for a place to hideBecause why? My Love is likely to (F)ail again - And truth be toldI am not as bold as I used to be. Love's left me so cold - ninefoldHeart shrivelled. Hung to dry. She lays wasted by my bedsideWe don't speak... Continue Reading →


Tryouts thru-out our Youth We rush to sow our truths Honest tho unwise - on sunrise (We realize) No nourish to the Sowers Us or Others, Seniors retort Then hiss, throw stones in wroth Truth stutters, then twist then withers - we witness Youth riots, sours, ruins Orient to Us - Seniors Not Those -... Continue Reading →


Shine Like the luminosity of stars Where your apparent brightness is neither dependent upon nor affected by another's perspective Show up as you must Be who? True to you With every chance you get Never forget Shine As you must And when done Leave behind … Quasar dust That touches all of us

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