Add Title No. 2

Sometimes I just can't think of an appropriate name for my post. We went to Outback for dinner. I wonder how it is that everyone in NYC isn't deaf. It's loud all the time. LITTERING IS BAD FOR YOUR THROAT People don't walk between train cars as much as they used to when I was... Continue Reading →

There’s No Place Like Home

Packing is not my forte, and since my vacation is coming to an ending, I've started putting most of my stuff away. Tomorrow I am going for dinner with my sister-in-law. Friday night, I'm on a bus ride to Atlantic City. Just for the hell of it. It's a thing my family does. Dad doesn't... Continue Reading →

NYC Transit – No Problem

Took the subway like a boss today! I got lost twice, but I still say "like a boss" because I didn't panic and think about taxiing. I don't even know how I ended up on the wrong train the second time; I was like, what's going on? Am I seeing the stations I just came from? And... Continue Reading →

Home Sick

The internet connection is terrible sometimes. It rained for part of the day and it's supposed to rain tonight too. It's much cooler now - thank goodness! Dad and I went for a quick walk to the Jamaican restaurant. I only cooked for myself one day since I've been here. All I did was read, watch... Continue Reading →

QUOTE: On Writing

This quote was on one of the walls at The Morgan Library and Museum. They had an entire section dedicated to Joyce! I selected the font. Background image supplied by Pexels from Pixabay

A Day Out (and in)

NEW YORK TRANSIT Instead of meeting up at Osamil in the evening, Dee suggested I come up early because I didn't have any other plans and Dad had stuff to do.  I thought about getting Lyfted but decided I'd take the subway instead, and as soon as I made that decision, I realized I'd never... Continue Reading →

What A Life!

I keep drinking dad's Heineken and eating all his dry roasted Planters peanuts. There is a bar at the dining table, and it keeps calling me back. That's what I've been doing all day - watching movies between fits of sweaty sleep, drinking beer, eating peanuts and complaining to myself and the fan about the... Continue Reading →

To Family

Yo! It's after 11:00 pm. This is gonna be a quick convo! I had a couple of pomegranate martinis, and Grey Goose with no chaser, at first. Then my aunt added the chaser cause I couldn't finish my drink. Got to see my cousins, and just hang out with the fam. It was a beautiful... Continue Reading →

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