Gosh Darn It

Nothing like the promise of food and/or drink to get me out the house, especially when someone else is paying. I made it to the office by about 1:00 pm, but I had shit to do, so I did my shit, and I didn't go to meet those guys cause I thought we were going... Continue Reading →

Oh Hell! Stahp it!

It's another fabulously sunny day filled with spotty wifi and the reaffirmation that people don't get my jokes. Sometimes I feel like Joker; I'm the only one laughing, but I can't waste my jokes. Somebody's gotta laugh! You know that saying, "Who laughs last laughs the best."? I'm not sure what it means, but I... Continue Reading →

Really! (Un)Believable!

Once again, the power is out and back and out again. And with it the internet and the water. And Rogers seems to be having their own issues - the power outage might be affecting them too. I am giving serious consideration to purchasing a generator. The last time I did, it was many several... Continue Reading →

After The Storm

Ten days before dad gets here. And I think my brother is coming as well. Too bad both of them cannot be here. Is there such a thing as a twig garden? There's gonna be. I went for a walk and took pics of trees and stuffs, and along the way, I saw all these... Continue Reading →

Power Outage

Coming to you live from SabDee's waterlogged chateau. The water is gone, but the construction's not done. Our power and water have been out for about seven hours and counting. Plus, it was so extremely, excruciatingly hot today - I feel gross. Couldn't stay home anymore. It's about 9:30 pm and since I have to... Continue Reading →

Bullet Dodged

Early this morning, I went with Dre to his MRI appointment … the hospital books appointments so late/early. I don't know if they are catching up because of COVID or if they've always done that. We left there at ~ 2:45 am. I snuck around the hospital and took pics of two machines I like... Continue Reading →

Civil Disobedience

Yeah, so ... "That's not in my budget!" is still working. "Is that going to make me afraid to go on the scale in the morning?" isn't. Maybe it cannot be more than five words, and it cannot be a question. I need something new. Perhaps: That's not scale worthy!Seven samurais become sumo wrestlers!Scales cannot fly... Continue Reading →

Kingdom, Phylum, Class …

I feel blah - but I managed to get through the work day. I wanted to go offline for half-day, but I already have to make up four hours before the end of the week. It's only Tuesday, too early to be wishing for Friday, but I am. Might I be ready for more responsibility... Continue Reading →

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