Fluorescent Sweat

It's 8:05 PM. I mostly spent my entire Saturday in bed. Mostly. But I am satisfied that the deck for work is done - content-wise at least. I enjoy hanging out with people smarter than me in any particular subject, who are willing to teach/share/inform because I am eager to learn. Knowledge hoarders suck major... Continue Reading →

Did You Miss Me

... Of course you did! Yo! I haven't done this much crazy frantic work in a while. Yesterday I was so out of it; I couldn't even talk to you! Sorry about that. AND I lost my thirty-three-day posting streak. AND I didn't put anything on IG according to my schedule. AND I'm ready to... Continue Reading →

Firetruck Fat

I feel overly stressed and miserable. I haaaaaate the commute - with the packed trains and shit. So annoying - I can't see me ever going back to being in the office five days a week. One or two is enough. And I am back to the office again tomorrow. My wardrobe cannot accommodate a... Continue Reading →


It was so lovely to walk outside this morning and not be broiled. Refreshing breeze. Finally! Bossman gave me the wrong landmarks for to meet our sales director this morning, and I ended up in front of the wrong hotel. Two cops doing traffic duty helped me out. I had pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs... Continue Reading →

Food, Friends and Fun

Today was a super wonderful day me got to spend with friends who incidentally just happen to be ... coworkers; and lucky I, me get to do it all over again tomorrow. Except, the morning will be a little different; I get to share a gourmet breakfast with our sales director. Yay! Our CFO didn't... Continue Reading →

It’s A Hot One

Oh my Jesús. I am going to die.  Why is it so unforgivingly scorchingly hot! I'm in so much discomfort and the AC is on. And of course, I gotta go to the office tomorrow and Tuesday - But I am looking forward to hanging out with those guys. Work doesn't feel like "work," and... Continue Reading →

Budgeting is Art

So far, I am enjoying the short stories in Echo Tree. Poetry wasn't your bag brah. (according to me). Perhaps, years from now I will feel what I don't feel now. I am looking forward to reading Munch's journals and poems. And after Munch, I plan to read Hafiz's collection, or I will do it in between.... Continue Reading →

Got Pests

Did you know that Munch also wrote poems n kept a journal? I'm almost done with this Henry Dumas book, and I'm not enjoying his poetry at all. Some are interesting, but I don't love any of them. I will read his short stories in Echo Tree - they'd better be genius (according to me). The desks... Continue Reading →

Emotional Meals

I did not have the opportunity to pick up dessert from Eataly for the pool party. I will bring it to the holiday party. That will work out better too - since it's an evening thing, I can easily pick it up the day of.  On the way home yesterday, Bossman bought us Happy Meals... Continue Reading →

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