And Then One Day …

Did Somebody Say Compete

... Awwww. Ain't them cute! I'm supposed to play Fortnite with the kids - I suspect it will be a disastrous delight - for me at least; like Minecraft w/ Dre. My rise and spit shine morning started too early. Was in bed by 10:00 pm as planned but woke up sometime after 1:00 am.... Continue Reading →


This morning I sat on the edge of my bed staring at my running shoes with all the wild things in my head screaming, "Sam! Go back to bed!" Today I won! Finished a 1.5hr workout. Later in the day, I went for a walk with Dre. Now all my rings are closed. Did I... Continue Reading →

Plans and Punches

Have you seen Zdzisław Beksiński's art. Some of his work remind me of Giger. I have too many writing projects going on, like I can't finish any. I don't know which to work on first, next, last. That's why I have a whole lotta unfinished pieces. And the longer I stay away the harder it... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

You thought I was out partying eh! Nah. I haven't attended a fete in ages and I don't miss it. Fireworks are going off sporadically. It's just after 11:00 pm. The Hip Hop Nutcracker was blah. My expectations might have been too high. I won't be watching it again. Going forward, I will be measuring... Continue Reading →

You Moo Proceed

It snows and rains and snows and rains. Yesterday while drawing my elk I realized I wasn't following any of the rules, capturing the gesture and/or drawing basic shapes. I am not going to forget those rules but if they prevent me from moving forward with whatever I am trying to draw, I will throw... Continue Reading →

Dream Elk In Ink

Finally! I made it to the library but the only volunteer role they had was reading buddy - I'd get paired with an elementary kid who needs help with their reading. I did that years ago - now I am looking for something administrative. I am officially sick of grapes - I never want to... Continue Reading →

I’m Coming Up

BREAKING NEWS: After a recent split, caused by a comma, Data and Analytics decided to concatenate. Let's wish them much luck and foreverness on their renewed journey. Yesterday my European co-worker wished me a happy birthday. Whenever people remember my birthday it's always a delight. I don't expect people to remember my birthday because I... Continue Reading →

Evens Over Odds

I am forty-nine today. Into odd numbers, I am not. So! Instead! I will be fifty and after that fifty-two and so on. Technically though, I am about seven. Maybe five. But I am not Snow White. I'd liked to have gone to a used bookstore for my birthday but alas, I stayed home mostly.... Continue Reading →

Boxing Day Fight

I might have gone to bed too early. Woke up just after 1:00 am. Today I learned what a sonnet cycle is. The next time I go out to eat my strategy will be to order from the kids' menu, if they have one - kid's size portions are the correct size. A while back... Continue Reading →

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