Codependent (Sonnet XII)

I love you as the flowers bloom
As the many leaves leave their trees
As how lion dandies love the breeze
On display. Wearing you like a costume
You know your place. Position to assume
On your knees. Love infects like a disease
And mine is sure to make you feel ill at ease
Consume. Knowing me has led you to your doom
I write your story. Forever intertwined with mine
You are my game to play. I'll have it no other way
Keep feeding my ego. I'm your Master. Superhero
We will never appear to come apart at the seams
Flow through me as this white thread does my jeans
Toxic by design. You cannot go. I won't let you leave

This started off as a Petrarchan sonnet then I went my own way with the last six lines. Is it still a Petrarchan sonnet? I think so! 🙂


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