Life and Me!

Thu Jan 14:

I’m feelin’ myself – My troubleshooting skills still kick ass – I just figured out why I wasn’t getting reminder email notifications from SharePoint via Flow! Woo Hoo!

I was also successful in getting André to rearrange his room so he has a designated workspace. I also bought him a sleeping bag, cause he wants to sleep on the floor! Since our visit to London – he is the only one who fell in love with the concrete beds. This means that I don’t have to feel bad when I put him out. He is preparing to be homeless.

I’m still excited from yesterday! But I’m more excited today cause I figured some SharePoint shit out! Can you explode if you get too excited? That would suck! But I’m not worried cause all my pieces will come back together like T-1000 in Terminator 2! Sick!

Matt made spaghetti for dinner! I can’t get André to cook a meal for the family; and God forbid he has to share food he cooked for himself. He will watch you like a hawk to see how much you’re taking and be salty for the rest of the night. smh!

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