Life and Me!

Wed Jan 6:

It sucks when I cannot convince someone of the importance of something, when I can clearly see the value (in my head, but rightly based on processes in other organizations!)

Did I ever tell you about the book Pre-suasion by Robert Caladini (last name might be incorrect) – If I remember he also wrote Influence. When I read it, years ago, I felt that it was wrong, ethically, to use these methods on people, but it might be worth revisiting. I’d like to be able to convince people of the importance of something before we implode because we don’t have it. The importance of seatbelts, smoke detectors, unplugging. I think it’s vital to confront things and get to the root cause and fix it. And if you first fix didn’t work then you go back to the drawing board but as long as the need is there, you don’t give up on getting it right!

I haven’t had Prozac in days and I wrote a poem yesterday, it was short but I loved it – (sometimes I write and it feels shitty but this one felt right) I think I was correct that Prozac messes with my creativity. Or maybe not! There could be lots of reasons why I wasn’t able to write, but I’m pretty sure P’s to blame! Even though I haven’t been using (lol!) I’m still having to take zacnaps – Slept for three hours today, 5-8 pm.

Suppose I’m doing some crazy shit to my brain that I’m not even aware of? I could get a brain from my organ garden but I it wouldn’t be my brain and I might not even recognize myself after the transplant 😦

There was some professor guy who had to get special treatment for the side effects of coming off of whatever drugs he was on. I dreamed of my dad and brothers and a muscle car, maybe a mustang or a GT500. We were packing up to go somewhere and my dad was taking forever to shower and I couldn’t round up my brothers – But by the end I was driving down a country road with my dad riding shotgun and my brothers in the back.

I’m going back to bed! I really cannot wait to draw my dreams! There’s so much rich detail!

BTW – There are no alligators in no sewers nowhere. Instead, they’re hiding out in back alleys and dark doorways waiting to rob you. “Stick em up!” (I don’t think anybody says that anymore)

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