Thirty-three degrees in the shade
Just the sorta weather for lemonade
Maybe also Gatorade

Better yet a snow cone – reminds me of back home
Black Power Fist (Afro Comb) + Third-wave Feminist
Ema-illuminate from my genome (iridescent)

Breaking a sweat standing (yuck)
Outdoor sauna – weightloss, detox and tanning (trifecta)
Three times a day, in the shower
The sun zaps my brain (will)power

Portable AC on my shoulder
Solar, wind and AAA power, keeping me cool
Pre and post happy hour

I got me – Strong, Spicy, Sexy
Fresh off the boat – so what
Girl interrupted – not
Call me everything – and
Yet still … I withstand

Meet me at the Interconnection
Junction. Intersection
Up ahead …
Loving and Imperfection
Everyone and Spectrum
Welcome and Affection
Intro and Extrospection

Where differences embrace
Expressing kindness is commonplace
We stay cool when it’s hot
Yet still … Cutting the Gordian (un)knot

My response to Jibber Jabber Daily Word Prompt “Hot” – Thank you Sue!


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